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Welcome to bloxburg: home build| ��������� modern

автор  дата 03.03.2018
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Heyo! I'm Aerozia I love building and designing houses, so I decided to make a Youtube channel where I showcase each of these builds to you guys and I LOVE IT. If you have any suggestions for my next build let me know! ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Sponsors Huge thanks to songlover1231, IBella, and Bellpaca, Harrisha122 ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- House Value: 60k without elevator / 90k With ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Accounts Roblox: https://www.roblox.com/users/52581982... ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Sponsoring Interested in being a sponsor? Contact me via message or in the comment section or join me in game! What do I get for being a sponsor? You get your name put in my description for every video! Any amount over 10k will earn you a spot! ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Showcases Lab: https://www.roblox.com/games/12895392... Downtown Arlose: https://www.roblox.com/games/97863015... ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Copyright I DO NOT CLAIM TO USE ANY OF THE MUSIC USED IN THIS VIDEO!
автор  дата 11.04.2018
hii sorry for the late upload xx value: 96k 2-story, 4 bedrooms, 4.5 bathrooms + 2 car garage & movie room and yes 2 rooms are blank ik house exterior ...
автор  дата 16.04.2018
Heyo! Many people requested that I build a mansion of some sort. So this is what I came up with. I really liked this build in the end and I'm considering on ...
автор  дата 13.10.2018
HEY guys im back and better than ever Here is a modern house for y'all. I really like the way this house turned out but I didn't really know where I was going with ...
автор  дата 10.11.2018
thanks for watching as always, and make sure to leave a like if you enjoyed ♡ ☆ value: 71k if you have any requests for future builds make sure to leave them in ...
автор  дата 30.05.2018
゚✧ Open Me Up! *:・゚✧ Watch this video in HD! ☆Hey everyone!! Welcome back to another video! So today's video I decided to make a cute,modern,aesthetic ...
автор  дата 23.06.2017
゚✧ Open Me Up! *:・゚✧ Watch this video in HD! ☆Hey everyone!! Welcome back to another video! So I decided I'll be continuing with this Bloxburg House Building ...
автор  дата 28.07.2018
hey guys, i really didn't know what to build, so i decided to go for a simple starter home. It was meant to be 10 k sorry, hah , but I cant resist putting detail.
автор  дата 13.11.2018
Today I am going to give you a tour around our new Family House. We moved a couple of days ago and are still settling in. I want to do a lot of things still but this ...
автор  дата 30.04.2017
We hit 500 subscribers! Thank y'all so much, I was not even expecting to make it to 100, much less 500! I can't even express how happy it makes me to read your ...
автор  дата 28.04.2018
Heyo! I'm Aerozia I love building and designing houses, so I decided to make a Youtube channel where I showcase each of these builds to you guys and I LOVE ...
автор  дата 22.03.2018
Heeeeelo! So I was REALLY sick when I was recording this, so I had to take breaks often through the entirety of this video. But as of right now I'm feeling fine.
автор  дата 20.11.2017
First time building with the two floor gamepass and boy did it feel weird o.o Built a mansion for a friend! Feel free to request things below in the comment section!
автор  дата 19.02.2018
Hiiiiiiiii whats up! So this build is partially based off of the "Modern Family Home" that I did a while back, and I think I've done a bit better than how I've made back ...
автор  дата 08.04.2018
Hellooo! Welcome to my channel! Hope you enjoyed this build! Since the new update is out, I decided to try and use most of the new items.
автор  дата 01.08.2018
Hey everyone and welcome back for another build. I don't know about you but I'm loving the new updates so I wanted to make a home that you might find in an ...
автор  дата 24.02.2018
Welcome back! Today I'm back with Aesthetic house build. This is the first build, where I did a pool and it looked kinda great! I really like that kitchen update, ...
автор  дата 05.08.2018
hi everyone this was requested by sam and i was kinda broke (broque) so i was like ukno what ima make it and it turned out p cute ngl lol thank u sm for 3800 ...
автор  дата 09.07.2018
Hey guys! Let me know what you think about this video. I'm really proud of this and honestly this is one of my favorite builds! I love you guys, stay lovely, and stay ...
автор  дата 26.05.2018
i haven't done a budget build in a long time, soooo here you go! i was specifically requested to do a more traditional exterior versus modern, so i tried to do that.
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