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The new carbonixx sea twelve electric hollowbody guitar

автор  дата 16.02.2015
  • 79
Reserve your place in the production line. The new Caronixx Sea-Twelve guitar. Designed for maximize blues playing. 20+ year old maple top and back, treated with Carbonixx' proprietary humidity cycling and il Cremonese wood treatments, along with a specially designed center block, gives this guitar a sound of a blues guitar from the 1940s. Super easy to play Gibson Les Paul 1970s inspired neck. Two custom wound humbucking pickups designed to provide a cross between an ES335 and 1950s Gibson Les Paul. Finished in Ocean Blue. Now taking orders for the initial run of instruments. MSRP is $2499. Reserve yours today for $1499 plus S&H and the $1,000 balance is waived for a total price of $1499 plus S&H. Case included. Contact me if interested in placing your reservation or send an email to plans @ interminds.com
автор  дата 15.12.2015
Greetings from Belarus! Personal Jesus played by Double C. Cover Band live in Minsk, Belarus. I'm playing my Gibson Traditional 2015 Ocean Blue through ...
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