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Shot Callers Esports

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Whether it’s for the money, a change of scenery, or the prospects of playing alongside an absolutely stacked lineup, it’s becoming more and more rare to see a player stick with one team for the majority of their career. Which makes it even more impressive when they actually do. Here are the 5 longest tenured players on one team. (Major regions only) 5. Dane in the Mid Lane TSM (Nov 2013 - Present) As just the second ever import into the NA LCS Bjergsen burst onto the scene with TSM in 2014 at the Battle of the Atlantic. Despite the roster constantly changing around him, Bjergsen collected 4 NA LCS MVP awards and led TSM to 4 straight World’s appearances to go along with 5 domestic titles. TSM heads into 2018 with 3 new players, but the Dane in the Mid Lane isn’t going anywhere anytime soon. 4. SneakyGasm C9 (May 2013 - Present) After qualifying for the 2013 summer split under Quantic Gaming, Sneaky and Co left the organization to reform under Cloud 9 in May of 2013. Originally seen as a more supportive, utility focused AD Carry, Sneaky became one of the most consistent carries in the league. Multiple roster overhauls later and four years after Cloud 9’s debut, he’s the only remaining member of the original C9 lineup. And was just voted in by the fans to represent North America at All-Stars in LA 3. The Demon King SKT /SKT1K (Feb 2013 - Present) Following his electric debut against Ambition in Feb 2013, Faker quickly transformed into not only the face of SK Telecom, but the face of League of Legends itself. Despite having at least one new team member every single season, SKT has become the standard for excellence in League. At just 21-years-old Faker has 2 victories at MSI, 6 Korean championships titles and 3 summoner’s cups to his name. Following a stinging 3-0 loss in the 2017 World finals, the League of Legends world should be prepared for a vengeance fueled onslaught in 2018 at the hands of the Unkillable Demon King. 2. God Hand (MiG / Azubu / CJ Entus(Oct2011 - Nov2016) One of the first star players in Korean League of Legends MadLife played his first tournament with MiG in 2012 at Azubu Champions Spring. After a series of roster swaps and sponsor turnovers, MadLife remained the only constant from the organization's beginnings. With game mechanics named after him and a massive fan following he was voted in as an All-Star from Korea 4 consecutive seasons. In the LCK’s 2016 summer season, MadLife was the only player to play in every game for CJ Entus. CJ was relegated from the LCK in the 2017 spring promotion tournament ending MadLife’s 5-year run with the team. His next team would be NA challenger squad Gold Coin United. 1. High Score KTB / KT (Oct 2012 - Present) Originally nicknamed “Joker” Score changed his name prior to joining KT Rolster B in October 2012 as the starting AD Carry. Score was there for all of KT’s heartbreaking series defeats at the hands of SKT. In 2015 KT Arrows and Bullets were forced to merge and Score made the swap from AD Carry to Jungle. In his first season Score was selected as LCK’s All-Star jungler. He is the only remaining member of the original KT lineup and has signed through 2018 for his sixth straight season with the organization. Another year with their star-studded lineup has Score and KT eyeing their first ever World Championship title. Shot Callers esports brings you LoL esports news, previews, interviews, roster breakdowns, highlights and everything else from the world of competitive League of Legends. From the NA LCS to the LCK, get all your LoL esports information right here. Subscribe for a new LoL esports top 5 list every Monday. Also tune into our live stream! Get Boosted: Monday, 3PM EST 5v5 Live: Wednesday, 2PM EST SUBSCRIBE: https://www.youtube.com/c/ShotCallerseSports?sub_confirmation=1 FACEBOOK: https://www.facebook.com/shotcallersesports/ TWITTER: https://twitter.com/_SCesports Follow Matt Hempstead on Twitter: https://twitter.com/MatHempstead Follow Eric Kummel on Twitter: https://twitter.com/I_Am_Kummel All League of Legends footage courtesy of Riot Games.
автор  дата 05.02.2018
No 2 words go more hand in hand with one another than Wombo and Combo. It is that perfect moment where an endless chain of cc can wipe out an entire team ...
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автор  дата 22.12.2017
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автор  дата 14.08.2017
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A Clown Fiesta is a strange series of events in which nobody - not even the players! - knows what's going on, and occasionally, this term is applied to League of ...
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So much of League of Legends culture exists in memes that were created by an outrageous quote or unbelievable in-game results. And even though many of ...
автор  дата 10.10.2017
When the best Players and teams get together and compete on the biggest stage, you can expect some spectacular plays. Whether a display of mechanics or an ...
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Just because you're a pro LoL player, doesn't mean you're immune to having “One of those games”. Whether you're getting camped, trolling around in a ...
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The pentakill can be elusive in LoL, but when it's pulled off, it's absolutely amazing! We picked the five greatest pentakills in League of Legends history! Shot ...
автор  дата 25.09.2017
Sometimes all it takes is one kill to get things rolling… If on the right champion, or in the right team composition, that one early kill can create a snowballing effect ...
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