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Losing is never fun when it comes to League of Legends. Having a match history filled with red is one thing, but losing a long string of competitive matches is another level of mental pain. Here are the 5 longest losing streaks in LCS history. 5. Gambit 2014 EU LCS Summer (11) 2014 Summer was Gambit’s first split without Alex Ich in the lineup and the team was a shell of their former selves. 10 different players played a game for the squad throughout the split and starting in Week 6 the team went on an 11 game slide and fell out of a playoff spot. Despite going 3-1 in the final Week of the regular season, Gambit finished tied for last with an 8-20 record. 4. NiP 2017 EU LCS Summer (12) After purchasing Fnatic Academy’s spot for the 2017 summer EU LCS Ninjas in Pyjamas returned to the league for the first time since 2014. It wasn’t the triumphant return NiP might’ve been hoping for, as they lost the first 12 games of the season before meeting up with the Unicorns of Love in Week 5 3. Dragonborns 2013 EU LCS Spring (13) The inaugural LCS split saw plenty of new teams in the scene and Dragonborns was one of them. Led by Season 1 World champion Shushei, Dragonborns found themselves in a moderately respectable sixth place following Week 4, but that’s where things went downhill. The newest kids on the block lost 13 consecutive games before taking a game off the League’s second worst squad in Giants Gaming. Dragonborns won just 2 games after Week 4 and finished in last place with a 6-22 record. 2. Origen 2017 EU LCS Spring (14) 2015 saw Origen climb from the challenger ranks to become one of the top EU teams and advance to the semi-finals at worlds. Two years later the only common thread remaining from that team was xPeke, only now he was playing support. After a ninth place finish in 2016 Summer, Origen started the 2017 season with 14 consecutive losses. In Week 6 Origen took on Roccat in a series for the ages. And it was particularly special for Origen’s mid laner, Naehyun. Prior to that game Naehyun was winless in 31 professional games across the LSPL and EU LCS. Origen would go on to lose the series in 3 games and finished the split with a 2-26 record before ultimately getting relegated from the EU LCS. 1. Team Coast 2015 NA LCS Spring (16) 2015 saw the LCS expand from 8 teams to 10, which opened the door for Team Coast to return to the league. With a lineup featuring former EU LCS players in Jesiz and Impaler, Coast started the Spring split with a very respectable 1-1 record after Week 1. That was very likely the highlight of the team’s season, as Coast went on to lose 16 games in a row. Despite subbing in three different players throughout the split, that Week 1 win remained their sole victory on the year, sporting a 1-17 record. Good enough to auto relegate them into the challenger series. Shot Callers esports brings you LoL esports news, previews, interviews, roster breakdowns, highlights and everything else from the world of competitive League of Legends. From the NA LCS to the LCK, get all your LoL esports information right here. Subscribe for a new LoL esports top 5 list every Monday. Also tune into our live stream! Get Boosted: Monday, 3PM EST 5v5 Live: Wednesday, 2PM EST SUBSCRIBE: https://www.youtube.com/c/ShotCallerseSports?sub_confirmation=1 FACEBOOK: https://www.facebook.com/shotcallersesports/ TWITTER: https://twitter.com/_SCesports Follow Matt Hempstead on Twitter: https://twitter.com/MatHempstead Follow Eric Kummel on Twitter: https://twitter.com/I_Am_Kummel All League of Legends footage courtesy of Riot Games.
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Sometimes, LoL teams with terrible starts are able to rise from the ashes and reverse their bad fortune. These are the five most stunning team turnarounds in LoL ...
автор  дата 05.02.2018
No 2 words go more hand in hand with one another than Wombo and Combo. It is that perfect moment where an endless chain of cc can wipe out an entire team ...
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A Clown Fiesta is a strange series of events in which nobody - not even the players! - knows what's going on, and occasionally, this term is applied to League of ...
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Just because you have a 2-0 lead in a series doesn't mean you're guaranteed to close it out. Time after time, we've seen teams rally from a two-game deficit and ...
автор  дата 03.07.2017
In League of Legends, a lead is never safe, no matter how big or how small. Even if you dominate for the entire game, one misplay or bad call can hand the ...
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In competitive League of Legends, we've seen that games can last for well over an hour, but they can also end in a flash! No disconnects, no surrender votes, ...
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These five experienced players were the keys to challenger teams punching their ticket to the LCS. We picked the five greatest LCS boosters in LoL history! Shot ...
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So much of League of Legends culture exists in memes that were created by an outrageous quote or unbelievable in-game results. And even though many of ...
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Sometimes all it takes is one kill to get things rolling… If on the right champion, or in the right team composition, that one early kill can create a snowballing effect ...
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Aaron Chamberlain, aka. Medic, tells his heartfelt story about he first became a doctor in the United Kingdom before eventually quitting his job and pivoting into ...
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As has become tradition in League of Legends, a player from the winning team is to be interviewed post-match. But whether due to nerves, a lack of media ...
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Sometimes, we can't all just get along. In a high-pressure team environment, when you spend all day practicing with teammates, occasionally there are going to ...
автор  дата 25.12.2017
2018 marks the sixth season and 11th split of the NA and EU LCS, so it's only fair that we acknowledge some of the players that have stood out from the pack ...
автор  дата 06.11.2017
As impressive as it is to watch teams systematically take down their opponents with macro play and map movements, everyone loves to watch games where kills ...
автор  дата 16.10.2017
In honor of TSM 2017... When you represent your entire region at the World Championships, there's obviously a lot of pressure. In some instances, regardless of ...
автор  дата 07.12.2017
After a break from competitive play, former C9 and Impulse jungler 'Rush' has signed on with KT Rolster. Will he steal any playing time away from Score? Shot ...
автор  дата 25.01.2017
Sometimes, David beats Goliath, and throughout the history of LoL and LCS, there have been some incredibly historic upsets. We picked the five most shocking ...
автор  дата 03.04.2017
Rivalries have been a mainstay in League of Legends since the very beginning, and some have been going for what seems like forever. We picked the five ...
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