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CID got to know that a bus with 15 passengers was moving unstoppable crushing everything coming in their way. They found that something was amiss and went after that but then they got a call warning them to leave that bus alone or he will blast the bomb planted in that bus. The situation was critical; those 15 passengers’ life was in the hand of some maniac. CID team divided in two units… First went after the bus looking for opportunity to get inside the bus and other started finding the culprit. CID cops traced the bus depot from which this bus was hired. The driver was killed and the driver on the bus was planted by mastermind. It was difficult to trace the call of mastermind. It seemed to have planned very meticulously and in detail. But CID started piecing together clues and reached the hotel from where this journey started… They found out that 15 people had been invited as a winner of fake lottery. One the other side, passengers on bus was getting psyched which got fuelled by murder of one of the passengers. One of them was pointed as killer. The chaos was created in the bus and it became clear that killer had planted in such a way that passengers on the bus can be killed anytime by some unsuspicious things. Cops figure out a plan to get inside the bus… But time was crucial and mastermind must not know about this plan or he will blow the bomb… So, Sachin went over a running truck and went parallel after it… He jumped on the roof of bus and breaking the window entered the bus but a passenger who had a criminal past hold him at the gun point. They thrashed him down and here Sachin found that the bomb planted in bus was fake. On the other hand cops traced the caller and find that he was also a pawn of that mastermind. Daya finally in a very highly dangerous way jumps in the bus breaking down the glass near driver and held him at gun point… Daya screeched and stopped the bus rotating it 180 degree. Finally, cops got those passengers realizing that mastermind was amongst those passengers and they finally figure him out. The first thrilling investigative series on Indian Television, is today one of the most popular shows on Sony Entertainment Television. Dramatic and absolutely unpredictable, C.I.D. has captivated viewers over the last eleven years and continues to keep audiences glued to their television sets with its thrilling plots and excitement. Also interwoven in its fast paced plots are the personal challenges that the C.I.D. team faces with non-stop adventure, tremendous pressure and risk, all in the name of duty.The series consists of hard-core police procedural stories dealing with investigation, detection and suspense. The protagonists of the serial are an elite group of police officers belonging to the Crime Investigation Department of the police force, led by ACP Pradyuman [played by the dynamic Shivaji Satam]. While the stories are plausible, there is an emphasis on dramatic plotting and technical complexities faced by the police. At every stage, the plot throws up intriguing twists and turns keeping the officers on the move as they track criminals, led by the smallest of clues. To Subscribe click here : http://www.youtube.com/subscription_center?add_user=setindia
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717 angel number : If you're not sure what and Angel number is, it's a number through which Angels choose to speak to you! So, what is the meaning and ...
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THIS IS NOT AN INFLIGHT SERVICE REVIEW *** This is strictly for airliner enthusiasts like me that love and enjoy the thrill of flying, especially take off and ...
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After a rainy night, we were delighted to enjoy one of the best mornings ever plane spotting at the Second St Maarten: with an initially wet runway, some brilliant ...
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717 angel number | Meanings & Symbolism.
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Bhide, popatlal, sodhi, iyyer go on the counter to buy passes but return empty handed as pass get over. Gogi and all other watch jetha and mehta family standing ...
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For those who like to enjoy the same: Seats 22A or 22F. This particular airplane VH-YQW (Qantas Link in Tasmania special colours, ex-Midwest, ex-Mexicana ...
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Boeing 717 - двухдвигательный узкофюзеляжный реактивный самолет. Авиалайнер изначально был разработан фирмой...
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Tribute to Boeing Family 707, 717, 727, 737, 747, 757, 767, 777, 787 Tribute to Airbus http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=kLbVtdpYtiE.
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Boeing 717 is a twin-engine single-aisle airliner, produced between 1998 and 2006. The plane is quite unusual. Initially, It was developed by the McDonnell ...
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Big thanks to my friend Jacob for narrating in this video. I do not have good audio recording equipment, so the audio would be very bad. I will be going on a ...
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In Today's episode, we present to you the investigation of several murders that took place in Dehradun, Uttarakhand. Sanjay finds his sister Gauri and her ...
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