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7 Years by Lukas Graham, Official Music Video. Watch the official music video for Lukas Graham's latest single "Love Someone" here: https://lukasgraham.lnk.to/lovesomeonevideo 7 Years by Lukas Graham. "A mix of Christiania, Copenhagen and Los Angeles is combined to give you a beautiful imagery to help the song along. I really hope you like it." - Lukas Graham '3 (The Purple Album)' is out now, listen here: https://LukasGraham.lnk.to/3ThePurpleAlbum Get the Self-titled Album featuring "7 Years" here: http://smarturl.it/LukasGrahamAlbum Learn about the meaning behind "7 Years" here: http://genius.com/8019908 Get 7 Years on iTunes: http://smarturl.it/7Years Listen on Spotify: http://smarturl.it/7YearsSpotify Directed by René Sascha Johannsen, Produced by The Woerks & Seven Pictures Connect with Lukas Graham: https://www.facebook.com/LukasGraham https://twitter.com/LukasGraham http://instagram.com/LukasGraham http://smarturl.it/LukasGrahamSpotify Lyrics: Once I was seven years old my mama told me, Go make yourself some friends or you'll be lonely Once I was seven years old It was a big, big world but we thought we were bigger Pushing each other to the limits, we were learning quicker By eleven smoking herb and drinking burning liquor Never rich so we were out to make that steady figure Once I was eleven years old my daddy told me, Go get yourself a wife or you'll be lonely Once I was eleven years old I always had that dream like my daddy before me So I started writing songs, I started writing stories Something about that glory just always seemed to bore me ‘Cause only those I really love will ever really know me Once I was twenty years old my story got told Before the morning sun when life was lonely Once I was twenty years old I only see my goals I don't believe in failure ‘Cause I know the smallest voices they can make it major I got my boys with me, at least those in favor And if we don't meet before I leave I hope I'll see you later Once I was twenty years old my story got told I waswriting 'bout everything I saw before me Once I was twenty years old Soon we'll be thirty years old, our songs have been sold We'vetraveled around the world and we're still roaming Soon we'll be thirty years old I'm still learning about life, my woman brought children for me So I can sing them all my songs and I can tell them stories Most of my boys are with me, some are still out seeking glory And some I had to leave behind, my brother I'm still sorry Soon I'll be sixty years old, my daddy got sixty-one Remember life and then your life becomes a better one I made a man so happy when I wrote a letter once I hope my children come and visit once or twice a month Soon I'll be sixty years old, will I think the world is cold Or will I have a lot of children who can warm me Soon I'll be sixty years old (P) 2015 Copenhagen Records / Warner Chappell Music / Then We Take The World (C) 2015 Copenhagen Records / Warner Music Group / Then We Take The World
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These are all the songs with more than 1 billion views on YouTube. Most Viewed Songs of all time with more than 1000000000 views on YouTube. I hope you ...
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BEYONCÉ Platinum Edition Available on iTunes: http://beyonce.lk/itunesplatinum Available on Amazon: http://beyonce.lk/platinumam Box Set includes : 2 New ...
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INFINITY WAR BROKE MY HEART Song: '7 Years' by Lukas Graham.
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[Ep. 7] Would You Like Girls (My Cosmic Diary)_우주 LIKE 소녀 (김덕후의 덕질일기) 7회_WJSN(우주소녀) *English subtitles are now available. :D (Please click ...
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"GOLD" - TOP MINECRAFT PARODY OF "7 YEARS" BY LUKAS GRAHAM ♬ Get Swag Minecraft Merch! ➜ https://CubeWorks.co ☆ SUBSCRIBE ...
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16 amazing facts about the human body only a few people know about. Our bodies are being constantly analyzed, and scientists keep making incredible ...
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SUBSCRIBE TO ME: http://bit.ly/SubscribeConorMaynard SUBSCRIBE TO CASPAR: http://www.youtube.com/caspar SUBSCRIBE TO OLI (he filmed ...
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Redes Sociales : https://twitter.com/Rize_993 ...
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Ja... was für ein Spiel? Ein großartiges Spiel... hätte Remember Me werden können, wenn es seine guten Ansätze konsequent durchgezogen hätte. So ist es ...
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Music video by Ariana Grande performing 7 rings (Audio). © 2019 Republic Records, a Division of UMG Recordings, Inc. http://vevo.ly/rtMn7B.
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Ja... was für ein Spiel? Ein großartiges Spiel... hätte Remember Me werden können, wenn es seine guten Ansätze konsequent durchgezogen hätte. So ist es ...
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หลังจบละครทางหน้าจอทีวี สามารถรับชมได้อีกครั้งทันทีเวลาเที่ยงคืน...
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Enjoy it Lukas Graham is the owner of the song Here is his official page https://www.youtube.com/user/TheForchhammer.
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copyright 2011 www.kelbemusic.com Like Kelbe Schrank's music page on Facebook: www.facebook.com/kelbeschrank I wrote this to help anyone learn and ...
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Wonderland EP Available May 19th. Pre-order now at https://Atlantic.lnk.to/Wonderland I am on tour. Get your tickets here: http://www.jasminethompson.com/ 7 ...
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Kids can learn their 8 times table while having fun with this funky tune! For more information and music, visit http://sillyschoolsongs.com. Lyrics: If you wanna ...
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The 7 easiest and most effective self-defense techniques for different situations. Anyone can do them no matter how big the attacker is. Victor Lyalko, the ...
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Seven Wonders of the world by SuccessCDs Education. Also See Top 10 languages Spoken in the World https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=c0SFXhaKlRo ...
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